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Download the UltravexTM Loading Charts

Composite Deadend Crossarm
Composite Tangent Crossarm

Crossarms that are engineered to hold up to large loads can be more cost effective.

Download the UltravexTM White Paper

Click here to download the Ultravex White Paper

Read the story of a composite crossarm designed like no other.  With a cylinder core, this crossarm was designed from the inside-out.

Download the UltravexTM Transmission Test Data

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The results are in from the independent 3rd party testing on the UltravexTransmisison Arms. Find out why they are different.

Request an UltravexTM Composite Sample 

Click here to download the Ultravex White Paper 

A full-size sample can be provided so our users are able to see, touch and use the product before purchase or for approval processes.

Request UltravexTM Testing Data

Click here to download the Ultravex White Paper

Are you interested in knowing exactly what Ultravex can withstand?  Because testing data is available for a number of different applications using the Ultravex arm.

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Download the REA Drilling Guide

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