DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions, LLC was organized in 1965 as DIS-TRAN Products to provide distribution crossarms to a group of utilities in the Southeastern US.  Today, we are a premier manufacturing company serving the overhead needs of the utility industry across the US and abroad. We design, manufacture and treat a complete line of Douglas fir and Southern Yellow Pine distribution crossarms, ground wire molding and transmission arms and assemblies. Our transmission assembly products include x-braces, vee-braces, tension braces and double arm assemblies as well as all needed hardware.

2017 brings new opportunities to grow for our owners, employees and our customers. Pennington Crossarms, a long-standing wood crossarm manufacturer, has made the decision to discontinue their product line of crossarms. DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions acquired the inventory assets of Pennington Crossarms. Pennington chose DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions due to its excellent reputation for Quality, Customer Service and the Capacity to lead a seamless transition for our customers.

Crossarm Boring Machine
Latest crossarm boring machine

As technology develops, so do we. Over the last 10 years, we have made additions to our product lines including Ultravex™ Composites (Patent 9546498). Designed from the inside-out, Ultravex™ is a leading product with superior features and unmatched WARRANTY not seen in the market today.Our vision is focused on always serving this industry with the customer in mind, working to continuously provide for their most important needs. Whether you are a long-term alliance partner, blanket contract customer or buying “one piece at a time,” we will work with the same passion and motivation to satisfy those needs. We enjoy relationships today that were established in 1965 and every year thereafter. It is our mission to continue to build on this great history as we move towards the future.







We Serve The Utility Industry With The Customer In Mind, Working To Continuously Provide For Their Most Important Needs. We Believe Our Values Foster Growth And Development Of Our People And Our Company. This Enables Us To Provide The Kind Of Quality Products And Service That Keep Our Customers Coming Back For More.

  • Honesty, Trust, Integrity

  • Customer Service

  • Respect and Dignity

  • Deliver the Impossible

  • Find a Better Way

  • Treat People Like Family